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To the management - Management Maintenance - Management Materials Management - Management Production Manager.
To the management cost savings up to 50%
Dear Mr
Since all system manufacturers have no more manufacturing facilities, the plant parts for Inspektonen and overhaul, repair service, C -Parts, components, MRO goods, consumables, accessories and many more are purchased from its suppliers.
For the FRG my co Spartans in the second generation managing director T. Heckhoff is responsible.
The delivery program my partner for the FRG. Europe, worldwide look on my IBM AS 400 database on the Internet at:
Peter Bischoffberger. or peter bischoffberger Google+ .
Compressed air technology full service and industrial supplies from A to Z. everything from a single source brings a cost savings to 50%. Air compressors from 1.1 kW to 500 kW. Aggregates. Airends. C - parts. Spare parts kits. Hydraulics. Industrial Filter Kits G. Compressors blocks. Refrigeration. Components. Cooler modules from 1.1 kW to 8000 kW. Engines cleaner kits. Leakage measurements. MRO - goods. Pneumatics. Heat recovery (Sankey diagram).
PDF file heat balance Sankey diagram; Calories equation of the screw compressor is:
 Q = kW ... x 860 x CPOL = moles x + tol ml x x tl Cpl.
peter bischoffberger . google +. Air-oil protected. Separator protected. Atlas Copco protected Type DC .... Kaeser protected .... Type DE alternatives available in OEM Quality.
Peter Bischoffberger or peter bischoffberger . google + .
See in Google: Photos by: Peter Bischoffberger, 1 image ... Filter MANN ...
Database on the Internet for foreign companies
International delivery program:
peter bischoffberger . google +. Air-oil protected. G separator. Atlas Copco G Type DC .... Kaeser G Type DE .... alternatives available in OEM Quality. Please inquire. Prices valid. ,
Yours sincerely
Peter Bischoffberger

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